My hope is to find readers who are interested in normalizing the topics of loss, shame, grief, trauma and healing and who are also up for some warped humor and hard earned insights along the way.   

At its core, this work is about having a body and being alive on this planet and just trying to get through all the physical and psycho-social struggles that life demands. Specifically, it’s about how this guy (points thumbs at self) has pursued healing and sanity after a traumatizing miscarriage and the subsequent loss of a partnership and my fertility — with no living children to show for it. Spoiler alert, I’m okay now.

I’ve always been compelled to give voice to common experiences that folks typically don’t want to talk about – probably because I experienced things nobody wanted to talk about: I had colitis (a gross bowel disease) when I was a kid and I suffered a bunch of miscarriages as an adult. 

But I still don’t understood why folks are so private about these common and often stigmatized "indignities.”  Everybody poops and sooo many women experience natal loss, and personally, I’d rather share and normalize talking about it all instead of feeling isolated and ashamed. 


I will publish essays in their written form and provide an audio/podcast version for those who prefer to listen.  

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